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My hands are my tools

Chiropractic is a Greek word. Translated, it means: Done by hand. I'm a chiropractor, and these are my tools. My hands allow me to connect with people and help others. My hands have been a focal point of attention all my life.

Before I was born, the amnion of the amniotic sac I was hanging out in, partially tore. This created bands of scar tissue inside the sac. Those bands wrapped around my hands and strangled them, so my hands look the way they do. Lucky for me, the bands didn't wrap around my neck. My tools, sensory, and mechanics are all different, but still capable. I use my disability every single day, so others can reach their health goals. Don't be afraid to turn a perceived weakness into a strength.

Oh, and I didn't change my last name to fit the profile. It literally all came in the same package ;).

Amniotic band syndrome, syndactyly