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Five reasons to be thankful for your spine

This time of year is one of reflection and gratitude, and what better to be thankful for than a strong and healthy spine! Here are the top 5 reasons why you should appreciate your spine and treat it well with chiropractic care.

1. Your spine gives your body structure
It'd be difficult to sit in a chair if your body had no bones. Muscles attach to bone, so without bones, your body would be mush.

2. Your spine has a very important job: protecting your spinal cord
Your spinal cord carries the messages of function to and from your brain. Your nervous system controls EVERY function your body performs: your lungs breathing, your heart beating, your kidneys filtering, etc. Your spine protects the life force within you.

3. The segments of your spine make you flexible
Your spinal segments move in up to 14 different directions, and this makes your body able to twist, turn, and bend in different directions. Without these moving parts, your body would be as stiff as a board and immobile.  

4. Your bones are hollow and made of layers for protection
Our bones are hollow to make us more agile and lightweight. If our bones were completely solid, our muscles would be unable to move us because we'd be too heavy. The outermost layer of bone is called the periosteum. The periosteum protects us from injury, and is the toughest part of the bone.

5. Your bones give indicators about your health
Are your bones strong, or are you prone to osteoporosis? Bone imaging can help diagnose other serious clinical problems like cancer or infection. Taking x-rays is one excellent and cost-effective way to evaluate your bone health. 

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