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Why popping your own neck won't solve your neck problem


Chiropractors hear this all the time, "I crack my own neck, so I don't need a chiropractor." 

Before I unpack this statement, let's talk about the difference between "cracking" and getting adjusted. In a word, the difference is specificity. Chiropractors spend roughly 8 years learning about the human body and the chiropractic craft. It is impossible to get the same results chiropractors get without a chiropractic education.

"I feel better after I crack my neck, so it must have worked."

Cracking your neck releases endorphins, so you will experience a feeling of relief. However, that feeling will be temporary because you haven't addressed the CAUSE of your problem. Most people resort to more frequent cracking for relief, but that actually does more harm than good.  If you self-adjust too much, your joints will become unstable, and it will be difficult to keep a proper adjustment in place. 

FYI: Chiropractors NEVER adjust themselves, and you shouldn't, either. Instead, chiropractors get adjusted by other chiropractors.