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Tips to avoid yard work injuries

1. Use proper biomechanics
Always lift with your legs, not your back muscles. Also, never lift an object and twist your body at the same time. This is the most common way to injure your low back. Perform one motion at a time to avoid injury.

2. Use ice
After activity, use ice for muscle soreness instead of heat. Heat brings more inflammation to the affected area, so using it for aches is counterproductive. Twenty minute intervals of ice will reduce inflammation and decrease pain.

3. Get adjusted
If you know a certain activity will aggravate your pain, get adjusted ahead of time. If your body moves properly, you'll be less likely to suffer an injury, and you'll have minimal soreness afterward. 

Lastly, if using ice didn't take care of your soreness, there's something more serious happening to your body. "Waiting it out" is never a good idea in this case. If you're in pain, call 402-476-0638 for a free consultation.