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People are living longer than ever. Today, the life expectancy of the average person is almost 80 years old. In a few decades, we're going to see more people living to 100 years old and beyond. If we're going to live longer lives, it's extremely important that we maintain our quality of life as we age. We want to be able to spend time with loved ones, experience concerts, attend sporting events, take vacations, etc. 

Yes, but how exactly do I age gracefully? In a word, prevention.

Over the past few decades, dentists have done an effective job of teaching their patients about how to avoid tooth decay. Now, most people see a dentist for regular cleanings because they know it prevents cavities. As a result, we extended the quality of life for our teeth. Overall, we also save on the cost of more expensive dental procedures.

The same philosophy can be applied to the health of your spine. If you invest in preventing spinal decay, you will likely avoid pain and more expensive spinal procedures down the road. Prevention will also keep your spine mobile, so as you age, your body will remain flexible, and you'll use better posture. Nobody wants to spend their senior years hunched over and in discomfort.