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Watch your step this winter

You slipped and fell on a patch of ice. Now what? 

Do NOT try to stand up on the ice! You don't want injuries from multiple falls. If you're not seriously injured, crawl to an area that is free of ice to stand up. Call for help if you have difficulty walking.

If you're unable to get up, that's okay. Call for help by using a cell phone, or try to get the attention of someone nearby. Lying on ice for 20 minutes will help reduce swelling from your fall. Snow balls are preferred for swelling if available. 

If you are seriously injured, remain as still as possible unless it is extremely dangerous to do so. Only try to move yourself if there is risk of: drowning, hypothermia, or further injury.

Once you've assessed yourself for any emergency injuries such as a broken bone, call your chiropractor for a spinal check-up. Not only can they perform X-rays to check for injury, but your spine will need a realignment after any sort of fall.