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Chiropractic: What's your risk?

The most common question asked of chiropractors is, undoubtedly, "But what about the risk of injury?" I often refer to this article from when answering patients' questions and alleviating any concerns they may have.

As with any medical treatment plan, it is important to have an open and honest dialogue with your chiropractor so that they may assess any possible risk factors. A chiropractor will ALWAYS refer you to a medical doctor or other specialists if your condition can not be addressed with chiropractic.

However; many patients find the non-invasive approach of chiropractic to be a great alternative or complementary treatment to traditional pain management techniques such as pain medications and surgery. Consider the risk when weighing your options (taken from the American Chiropractic Association).

  • Overall risk of death from spine surgery: 1,800 per 1 million 
  • Risk of serious side effects/death from cervical spine (neck) surgery: 500 per 1 million
  • Risk of death from combined use of NSAIDS/aspirin: 153 per 1 million
  • Risk of death from prescription opioid pain medications: 53.6 per 1 million
  • Risk of death from aspirin: 25 per 1 million